04.06.2008 02:43 No time for update

Currently I’m working on school tasks and there isn’t much time for site update. Soon there will be exams and presentation of school works. When school tasks are done I will update site and finally I will continue with modding. Until then, please be patient.

19.04.2008 20:38 Download launched

I’m pleased to announce that problems with downloads were solved today. As I mentioned earlier, the web currently contains mainly older things for Quake 3 Arena game. If you are interested, proceed to Q3 sections maps and models.

18.04.2008 03:19 Kill all bugs!

Oof! Well I just finished next repairs of guestbook. First of all there was a mysterious bug that caused that I could not reply to some messages. And then when certain special characters were used whole content of guestbook was instantly deleted! :D Everything should be fixed now.

I’m also working on restoring download functionality (get sufficient disk capacity and startup web download manager). Everything should be fully functional by the end of next week.

11.04.2008 23:56 Download out of order

Currently is impossible to download anything. This is caused by technical difficulties. Functionality will be restored as soon as possible. You just have to wait, browse screenshots and cry. :D

Anyway I added some screenshots to webdesign and gallery sections. Namely design for the VO҆G web and design for the Dutch furniture web shop were added. Also new screenshots of the Magor (the Doom 3 monster) can be found in the gallery.

21.03.2008 22:55 Web debugging

There were several problems with guestbook and gallery that are now hopefully fixed. Also I switched web links to static format for better readability and search engine compatibility (SEO). Time will show if there are any other bugs. For problems with the web don’t hesitate to contact me.

16.03.2008 12:41 Resurrection of the web

Yeah! Here we are again! I have created my new homepage. This web is/will be mainly dedicated to my works for ID Software games. Meanwhile you can find here mostly my older stuff but as time will go you can expect new things for Doom 3 or Quake 4.

Work-in-progress screenshots and images can be found in the gallery section. If you have the urge to tell me something you can use the guestbook or message me on icq.

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