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#257 :: Name: CZghost :: 04-07-2023 @ 12:23

@Sergiusz: I don\'t think he\'s ever coming back. There is still a chance, since I found out he does keep the sites alive (last update of the About Me was somewhen between November 2020 and February 2021, which is about 10 years after the last response in Guestbook), you can find it on Wayback Machine. But I doubt it, because he doesn\'t even respond to my message on Facebook. I hope I found the right guy (there\'s a slight chance I might be wrong), but anyway, he doesn\'t respond, it\'s dead silence, and I think he just moved on with his life.

#256 :: Name: Sergiusz :: 27-06-2023 @ 22:04

Can I get in touch with you somehow? I am also interested in mapping, and Maxel inspired me with his ZASTAWKA W BRUNA

#255 :: Name: CZghost :: 24-04-2023 @ 07:38

Looks like his websites are already preserved:
https:// /web/ 20221207201617/
(remove the spaces from the URL, I had to break it up, Gbook isn\'t letting me post it as it treats the URL as a long word and forbids me to post some word longer than 40 characters - a bug I guess)

#254 :: Name: CZghost :: 24-04-2023 @ 07:29

@Mikey, Cooler Lemming, Max and Javier:
Hello folks. I don\'t think that Maxell is active anymore. He switched from Q3 to Q4/Doom 3 engine about a two decades ago, and stopped doing mapping altogether in favour of game development in Bohemia Interactive about a decade ago. I\'m not sure if he\'s still working there. I suspect he kind of forgot about his old community.

Anyway, I am interested in programming and level design myself, and I think I could decompile Maxell\'s maps, extract the model meshes from the maps and fix issues that are in the currect versions of the map. Unless Maxell responds in couple of years (like he didn\'t for a past decade), we\'ll have to consider his maps as abandonware and treat it as such. It is possible to reverse engineer Quake 3 maps, and it is possible to extract model meshes from the map (including the UV mapping). I just need to find the right tools for this. I\'ll have to redo all the lights tho, which will be quite pain, so I\'ll have to take some reference screenshots. I know some of the secrets in Maxell\'s maps (especially the two major secrets in School map).

As for the websites, the fact that the websites are still working, is baffling me. I guess he got his domain renewed long time ago for a long time (let\'s say couple of decades), and kind of forgot about it later on. The websites still don\'t have SSL protection, which means that the domain has been likely abandoned and left to rot. Let\'s preserve this bit in Internet Archive, so future generations will be able to find the relict.

#253 :: Name: Javier :: 13-03-2023 @ 16:16

Hi! I\'ve been testing your excellent maps. But in Rockshellwill there is an error in a texture, in the main courtyard, the texture of the post does not look correct when one is in front of it. Is there a way to correct this, or an updated version of the map that corrects this error? Thx in advance.
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