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#242 :: Name: camini_azul@hotmail. :: 24-05-2021 @ 20:39

it is possible that you can modify the hunter character of quake 3 arena, make it better more defined more molded. ???

#241 :: Name: Nerd (Alex) :: 26-12-2020 @ 14:24

I am your old subscriber, I remember when you disappeared, I forgot about you
But I found my old account I recognized you
Where are you now for 10 years?

- Nerd or Alex

#240 :: Name: qkennyq :: 17-11-2020 @ 05:06

I'm an old mapper from back in the day, does me good to see who still has the chops to pull this off.
outstanding Max, solid

#239 :: Name: :: 29-08-2020 @ 19:42

I have been playing UT since around 2006. Now I am an Admin at LCDLC. I loaded mxl_school and LOVE it. Can I get your other UT maps too? Your stuff is genius!


#238 :: Name: LaoTzuBravo :: 02-07-2020 @ 21:53

please, Please, PLEASE...

...release a bot file for School!

One of the greatest maps of all time deserves a proper bot file for a truly great cat-and-mouse experience.

Regardless, thanks for all the effort it must have required to create such an excellent Quake Space.


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