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#247 :: Name: CZghost :: 06-06-2022 @ 15:19

Oh, there\'s another way of contact we could try. There\'s an ICQ number in the \"About me\" section. Maybe it is still active. A message for anyone still asking about the School map.

#246 :: Name: CZghost :: 18-02-2022 @ 09:38

I can\'t obviously spoil the secrets here by telling exactly what triggers it (as I haven\'t found out myself yet, too). The UFO secret is rather obvious, and a little hint - you\'re gonna get a little bit of damage, enough to kill you if you don\'t prepare accordingly. As for the computer room secret, that\'s a little bit better hidden. But there is a nice easter egg in that room, one of the computers\' screen has Quake3 running (well, it\'s obviously just a static image, but it could be ROQ video texture as well, with a recorded screen). I don\'t tell an exact position of that computer, even if I remembered, I don\'t want to spoil it. However, I do think that is the key to open the secret portal around the computer room. I knew about the UFO because of Maxell\'s video on YouTube, he showed the secret UFO room (but the method to get there was cut out, obviously). But the other secret was kind of a random one, because I was constantly hearing portal sounds near the computer room, and I just tried to randomly shoot rockets - one blast was near the trigger, and it opened the secret portal, that\'s how I found it. That secret is not in the video by Maxell.

Secrets aside, I\'d like to finish the map (it\'s still in BETA), and of course generate bots file for the map (.aas), which cannot be done as the map is too large for it, right now. But I do know the method to generate .aas bot files for too large maps - it\'s a little bit of a hack to be honest. The same method could be used to fix bots navigation issues in certain maps. It is quite of a pain hon

#245 :: Name: pu\'er :: 01-02-2022 @ 23:05

some of us at /n/city/ uk like to play School (mxl_school - rockets only). we\'ve found the hidden secret within the downed flying saucer. today i found another secret in upper level of building with all the computers. mostly old windows on computers but one with a bulls head (?) and one with scenery (?) - hard to tell as my monitor not that sharp. i blasting the room with rockets, a door next to room opened with another secret teleport to a large bluish, stepped pyramid and at top a rotating Maxell\'s (nice) and commenting a being a great explorer - LoL. i\'ve been able to trigger the door/teleport but can\'t figure exacting whats triggering the door to open. any hints, clues, answer :-). and, are there any more hidden secrets :-). thank you.

#244 :: Name: CZghost :: 25-01-2022 @ 08:57

> please, Please, PLEASE...
> ...release a bot file for School!
> One of the greatest maps of all time deserves a proper bot file for a truly great cat-and-mouse experience.
> Regardless, thanks for all the effort it must have required to create such an excellent Quake Space.
> Cheers,
> -LTB

I tried to generate one, and it failed. The map is just too big for it. I\'m trying to contact the original creator to finish the map and make the bot file for it (I know how to do it for too large maps), but to no avail.

#243 :: Name: Oakley :: 03-09-2021 @ 15:32

Hello i been looking at your school map for Quake 3 and i was wondering if we could get in contact because i want to port this map to Garry\'s Mod.
I think it would introduce your map to alot of people who otherwise would never see it.
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