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This is model of my little cousin Jája. It was made in the year 2002 when cousin was just 5 year old Quaker. There are also included wonderful sounds for this character model.

jaja01.jpg jaja02.jpg jaja03.jpg

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File: q3mdl_jaja.7z


This simple model (“Červožížala” means something like earthworm) was created for testing purposes in the summer of 2002. Anyway, it is working model so you can try it.

wor01.jpg wor02.jpg wor03.jpg

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File: q3mdl_worm.7z


This is another model of my good friend and former classmate Millhouse. The model captures his appearance back in the days of 2000 – 2001. There are also new sounds included. Live long and prosper. _\//

mill_01.jpg mill_02.jpg mill_03.jpg

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File: q3mdl_millhouse.7z


This is model of Pascal - my old friend and classmate. The model was created back in the year 2001. New sounds included.

pascal01.jpg pascal02.jpg pascal03.jpg

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File: q3mdl_pascal.7z


This is model of my friend Bagr – one of my classmates from high school. It was created sometimes in 2001. Uncompromising dubbing is really amazing! :D

wnr01.jpg wnr02.jpg wnr03.jpg

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File: q3mdl_winner.7z


This is first attempt at creating a model for Quake 3. Basically it is slightly modified model from the Quake 3 SDK released by ID. From the screenshots, you can see what I looked like in the year 2000. xD

mxl01.jpg mxl02.jpg mxl03.jpg

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File: q3mdl_maxell.7z

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