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The second way is to use parameters on “Doom.exe” startup. This method is especially suitable for frequent use of editors. It saves time because you don’t have to type same commands again and again. Further, we will create shortcut file with required startup parameters.

  1. Create ordinary Windows shortcut of “Doom3.exe” and place it on the desktop (or wherever you want).
  2. Go to shortcut’s properties (right click on shortcut and choose Properties).
  3. Go to tab named “Shortcut” and edit content of the field named “Target”. There is path to “Doom3.exe” – after that path enclosed in commas, add your required parameters.


After addition of startup parameters, whole field may look like example presented below.

"C:Doom3Doom3.exe" +set r_fullscreen 0 +editor

  1. Then confirm changes by pressing “OK” button.

Now, when we learned the ways how to start editors, we will take closer look at each of them. Each built-in editor is listed below by its exact command name (though id Tech 4 console isn’t case sensitive). Also short description and basic controls will be mentioned in this list.


If you have played Doom 3 you know that there is PDA in the game. So this is simple editor for creating and editing PDA entries (editor isn’t quite finished so you can edit only emails). When you run “editPDAs” command you will see editor’s window. On the left side there is list of PDA items. On the right side there are text fields for editing of selected item. Also there is “Save” button for saving your changes (if this button is grayed out check you writing rights or whether you don’t try to save directly into pk4 file).


Id Tech 4 engine has sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) system. These GUIs are used in the maps (interactive computer screens, buttons etc.) but also as a main game menu (menu with save game, load game, game settings etc.). To make GUI, you have to create its images and script its functionality – and that isn’t easy. Therefore Raven Software developed basic WYSIWYG editor for GUIs. It doesn’t support all features of the GUI system but it is very useful editor for creating basic custom GUIs and other tasks such as setting up right coordinates of images in your GUI etc.

When you run “editGUIs” the main window of GUI editor will appear. On the upper left side there is typical program menu “File, Edit, View …” and other menu items which are also available under right click menu on the background of GUI editor window. In the main editor window there are smaller tool windows. Namely there are following tool windows: “Transformer”, “Properties” and “Navigator”. The first mentioned window displays XY coordinates of selected GUI element and its dimensions, these values can be adjusted instantly trough the window. Next “Properties” window – it shows properties of the selected GUI element, all properties are also editable trough this window. And the last window “Navigator” is perhaps the most important tool window. It displays entire tree of GUI elements - something like layers in Photoshop. When you expand some layer all its properties will appear, you can directly edit them. Also visibility of each layer can be enabled/disabled.


This editor is for viewing, editing or creating game declarations. When you start editor by “editDecls” command window of editor will pop up. This window displays tree list of all declarations used in the game. If you want to open up some declaration, just double click on its name in the list (or select its name and click on “Edit” button). Opened declaration is displayed in the new window. You can edit declaration in this window. Basically it is text editor with color syntax highlighting and with check for unclosed brackets (hit “Test” button for checking).

Tip: If you want to edit game scripts use Script editor. But don’t do it usual way by running its command (“editScripts”). Rather fire up Declaration editor (“editDecls”) and browse to “scripts/” branch and select one script and hit “Edit” button or use double click for opening. New window will appear and guess what – your selected script is opened in the Script editor.

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