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#214 :: Name: mukhlisin :: 01-04-2016 @ 14:21

Wow man i like your map man.... I hope you will make map that like contract wars park that is awesome map we can hide our self

#213 :: Name: CZghost :: 21-12-2015 @ 15:59

Nazdar, proč neodpovídáš? To s tím chceš praštit? Nebo není čas? Prosím, ozvi se, už asi 3 roky se ti tady množí vzkazy a nevíme, co se s tebou děje...

#212 :: Name: lint :: 22-11-2015 @ 13:17

Maxell, Quake Live recently migrated to Steam. I am posting your maps there with full copyright to you. I want the world to play your maps, as I honestly believe you created some of the most amazing maps for quake 3. There are no charges/fees to the recipients as it is all free within Quake Live. Please contact me if you wish.

#211 :: Name: Napalm :: 22-05-2015 @ 20:49

Ahoj, ozvi se někdy :)


#210 :: Name: 989 :: 05-03-2015 @ 09:00

@Maxell maper of school q3 ,can u maybe upload ur models from school the treehouse plants on my email thank u
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