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#227 :: Name: 322 :: 17-05-2018 @ 23:01

To play mxl_school:
In 1.32 type in console \com_hunkmegs 112 and restart game
In 1.16n type in console \com_hunkmegs 112 and \r_vertexLight 1 then restart game
In 1.11 add to program launch parameters: +set com_hunkmegs 112 +set r_vertexLight 1
P.S. After finishing playing set r_vertexLight 0 back if you wanna

#226 :: Name: CZghost :: 17-05-2018 @ 09:06

@Kodathewolf: You have to increase hunkmegs (memory to be allocated for loading a map). It exceeds the memory because the game didn't allocate enough memory for the map. Close the game, open q3config.cfg in wordpad (it displays it as it should, notepad deletes line breaks if it's not in Windows format), or open it in gedit if on Linux -> search for "com_hunkmegs" and increase the value there to like 256 (keep it powers of 2). Then you'll load the map pretty fine ;)

#225 :: Name: Kodathewolf/fox :: 30-01-2018 @ 03:41

the school map from youtube looks cool and so dose the other map I downloaded but apparently they have memory problems and I don't get how to fix it when I still have quite the memory and space

#224 :: Name: CZghost :: 14-11-2017 @ 19:31

@MXDash: I think Maxell won't return to Quake 3 anymore. Or at least not until he gets more free time. School is definitively abandoned project, though, so the only way to get it done is to adopt the project and continue in its developing on your own. Or let someone else do it. I'd like to finish the map, but Maxell doesn't even response to emails, nor the guestbook. Last reply from Maxell was several years ago. I'm done without original developing files...

#223 :: Name: Raei :: 01-07-2017 @ 05:22

This map is still being used in Xonotic.
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