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#202 :: Name: Phobos :: 22-06-2014 @ 18:36

Cool website man.

#201 :: Name: mike :: 16-06-2014 @ 18:20

i'm just getting into mapping. how did you get the gym floor to look shiny and reflective. i can't figure it out to save my life. also i tried to play your school map. ichanged the hunkmegs to 128 like you said but the map still wont load.
in addition i have to say fantastic work by the way. thanks

#200 :: Name: CZghost :: 31-05-2014 @ 13:38

For Justin:

You can open the UFO by a button in hidden area, you must find it. I don't want to spoil it, I just tell you the area is near the dead alien :-)

#199 :: Name: CZghost :: 31-05-2014 @ 13:36

Nazdar, Maxelli.

Rád bych věděl, jestli budeš pokračovat v tvorbě mapy School, pořád je ve verzi beta a nejdou sem dát Boti. Pochopím když od toho dáš ruce pryč, vím, že sis něco odseděl v base, nejspíš to bylo právě kvůli té mapě. Jen si říkám, že je to škoda, pěkně propracovaná, do nejmenšího detailu :-) To by byla škoda to zahodit :-)

#198 :: Name: Roy :: 17-05-2014 @ 02:51

Idk any other way to do this, so im doing it here: Is there any tutorials or advice at all anywhere online as to how you put .PDA's in custom maps & assigning their corresponding owners, or is this all through scripting for the map [i.e. "Boxville.script"]..?..
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