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#178 :: Name: Cthulhu :: 25-11-2012 @ 03:09

I wanna report the following on your map school in UrT:nosferatumovie dont runs,missing texture on entrance to UFO,missing textures in all warptunnels,miussing textures on exploreres pyramide and missing sound on pyramid.If someone enters the door to the pyramid ..the missing sound comes and if you go out of school to the statue you still hear the missing sound. Should be enough for a first report ;)
Anyway...never seen a beautiful map like this....great job!!!Absolutely unbelievable!!Im looking forward for a final version;) PS: you should reallly add bots on your server to make the server visible for all! CU Cthulhu

#177 :: Name: petyo :: 14-11-2012 @ 03:53

I can't start any of your maps just one rockshellwill and the others don't want to start.Help me tell me what to do i want to start mxl_school but when i write it in the console it just tryed to start screen but thats all it quits after 1 sec and nothing it just don't want to start

#176 :: Name: Tom_48_97 :: 27-09-2012 @ 12:51

Like everyone, I hope you'll be back at home soon!

#175 :: Name: W0lle :: 24-09-2012 @ 21:55

Hey Martin,

let's hope you soon are back home at your loved ones. Be sure we'll support you as best as we can!

#174 :: Name: Jerry Hopper :: 24-09-2012 @ 19:29

i hope you get home soon bro.

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