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#206 :: Name: uhm...ok :: 27-08-2014 @ 16:21

@Justin: I also wasted endless hours to find that button but I never found it. Anyway his last hint gave me the final clue so I tried to find it again and finally I found it today. It's way too complicated to find it and to get there!

#205 :: Name: CZghost :: 10-08-2014 @ 13:14

@mike: The gym floor is using portal shader made by Maxell, it has transparent texture of commons/mirror1.tga in first stage, placed blended texture of the floor on second stage and finaly the third stage with lightmap. In general directives is used a keyword for portal surface, which requires to use misc_portal_surface nearby the floor to get the floor reflective. The same way used also ShadoW on his Team Arena deathmatch map. Good luck ;)

@francisco mapper: I think he will never return to Quake 3 mapping, nor to continue in School map developing. Shame, it's really great map.

@Maxell: Nazdar, žiješ vůbec? Tady je to nějak mrtvé, kampak jsi nám zabloudil? Ta školní mapa je vážně super a je škoda, že zůstala nedokončená/rozpracovaná ve verzi beta, navíc bez podpory botů, takže hráč může jenom bloumat sem a tam. Docela otrava, nechceš se vrátit? Říct nám alespoň, co plánuješ a jestli vůbec chceš v tom pokračovat? Alespoň jednu větu...

#204 :: Name: francisco mapper :: 09-08-2014 @ 22:45

me podrías pasa el .map de la school map

#203 :: Name: francisco mapper :: 01-07-2014 @ 18:23

I need a friend. map please
if I pass I'll help you anytime foulbrood

#202 :: Name: Phobos :: 22-06-2014 @ 18:36

Cool website man.
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